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Review of Captain America: Civil War

Besides Captain America’s shield defying the laws of physics, this is quite possibly one of the more realistic Marvel movies yet. After realising that the Avengers have created way too much damage in the name of good, the United Nation moves to keep these super beings in check and only assign them tasks when absolutely required – to which Iron Man agrees.

Watching Evans work opposite Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man only further underlines the effective subtleties of his performance. Marvel’s films bring together characters who shouldn’t coexist in the same film — an all-powerful god here, a billionaire with cool toys there — and it succeeds in doing so because it has a strong stable of performers. Civil War’s themes center on questions of the thin line between moral righteousness and selfishness; that both Evans and Downey Jr. play on both sides of that line so ably is a testament to their strengths.

Introducing the new characters in their crossover event films is nothing new for Marvel, but Civil War might just have the most exciting introductions we’ve seen to date. Not only is Black Panther making his debut here, but we’ll also get to see Spider-Man for the first time in the MCU. Black Panther is no doubt an exciting addition and we can’t wait to see his solo film when it hits theaters in a couple years, but come on: it’s all about Spidey. The best part about the Spider Man addition is that Peter Parker actually figures prominently into the Civil War comic arc. Of course, the film adaptation is already shaping up to diverge dramatically from the original storyline, but it would still make sense to use Spider-Man as the fence-sitter of the conflict, with ties to both sides. He won’t have a major role, sadly, but when Spider-Man swings into the frame, you can be sure that audiences are going to go nuts, which will go a long way in making Civil War stand out among the large crop of other MCU films for years to come.

The little guys will impress you:- Tom Holland as Spiderman and Paul Rudd as Ant Man. They not only steal the show with their accurate and believable portrayals of the characters but they quite simply were a big part of that fight scene with the 12 Avengers.